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"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" John Lennon
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We have been supplying custom engineered power equipment for many years to diverse industries, including construction, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and aviation ground support.
The founders and current principals of SAM spent their long, successful careers designing and building custom machinery. Equipment that handled and manipulated air cargo and baggage, serviced airport ground support vehicles, assisted with the testing of military jet engines, manipulated composite or glass panels with exacting precision were amongst the many diversified accomplishments of the group.
 In 2012 Chris, a friend and trusted collegue of nearly 30 years was being increasingly immobilized due to the effects of diabetes. A former hocky player, equestrian and fiercely independent man, he was depressed about his future reliance on others to do the simple things he could not do.
We devised a plan to capitalize on our historic expertise in pneumatic servo systems, hydraulics, electromechanical. We designed an integrated power transport, transfer lift chair which would enable him to extend his mobility and self reliance.
 During the development of Chris's "New Freedom", visitors to our facility seeing our prototype, related enthusiastically to its capabilities. We began to hear stories of friends, family members, sons and brothers suffering from military injuries and some crippled by work place accidents. We were introduced to a wife with Multiple Sclerosis and a young nurse who could not fullfill her duties because of an ergonomic incident lifting a patient.
We became energized by the prospect of applying our life long experience to work with people who required enhanced mobility and formed ALLMobile Technologies, LLC as a separate business entity to develop and produce products designed to improve personal mobility.  A major component of our mission was to supply products to extend the mobility of those who had enjoyed active lifestyles. A growing population of injured veterans and aging Boomers emphasized this need.
We discovered the Swift Single Rider Golf Cars while searching for products to expand our business. Since 2006, the Swift company had successfully provided safe, high quality single rider cars but was in danger of discontinuing its work due to the untimely death of one of the partners. We conducted the normal due dilligence test driving cars, performing technical analysis and a review of the business history and track record.
We interviewed golfers and club officials who enthusiastically endorsed the product, the company and the future of the single rider golf car's role in the golf environment and we were convinced.
In late August 2016, we transported the inventory and other physical assets of the Swift company from Illinois to our New England facility. Adding Swift carts to our product purview was extremely exciting. The origin of the adaptive single rider was based on a reaction to regulatory demands. Adaptive single riders enhance any club's ADA compliance whether they are private or public access. continued
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